In the present context of agricultural development where participation of farmers and extension agencies has become imperative in the technology generation process , the mandate of the KVK has been widened to encompass on-farm research and front-line demonstrations.

Mandate of KVK System

KVK has been assigned with following mandates;

  1. Conducting on-farm testing to identify the location specificity of agricultural technologies under various farming systems
  2. Organizing frontline demonstrations to establish production potential of various crops and enterprises on the farmers’ fields
  3. Organizing need based training of farmers to update their knowledge and skills in modern agricultural technologies related to technology assessment, refinement and demonstration and training of extension personnel to orient them in the frontier areas of technology development 
  4. Creating awareness about improved technologies to larger masses through appropriate extension programmes
  5. Production and supply of good quality seeds and planting materials, livestock, poultry and fisheries breeds and products and various bio-products to the farming community 
  6. Work as resource and knowledge centre of agricultural technology for supporting initiatives of public, private and voluntary sector for improving the agricultural economy of the district 

KRISHI VIGYAN KENDRA - Farm Science Centre, is basically a mechanism to demonstrate the application of Science and Technology input for creating awareness and motivating formers to learn and adopt latest production and management technological options of various agricultural enterprises through vocational training to different segments of farming community in service training to functionaries, front and first line demonstrations and on form testing on major crops and other land based activities with due consideration to location specific production systems and agro-ecological characterization.

APPROACH Imparting learning through “Work-experience” to those who are engaged in farming is the main purpose of the KVK’s. The syllabus and programmes of the KVK is tailored to the felt-needs of the farmers , resources, and potential for agriculture growth in a particular area.“Teaching by Doing” are the main methods of imparting skill training.



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